Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Race Fueling - trying to get it right

I've been trying to change the way I fuel for long races.  I use Tailwind as my main fuel, carbs and electrolytes without any stomach upsets or bonking, but as my distances have increased and the frequency of the races has also increased I have started to investigate other sources of fuel.  I have taken (and eaten on races) cut up pizza, sandwiches, pretzels and veggie jelly beans.  Being a vegetarian limits some of the over-the-counter options and handfuls of jelly babies normally thrown liberally at runners during long races.

Recently I have started using Torq gels as an extra boost and then the odd energy bar as something solid, all heavily sugar dependant.  Last year I trialled a few home made recipes for longer training runs and they seemed to work.

Black bean and brown rice burritos - this is a favourite of Scott Jurek (champion vegan ultra runner). The ingredients are simple and they taste amazing.  Probably best cut into 3 or 4 (bite sized) and wrapped individually for the run.

Pinole & Chia biscuits - these simple biscuits are wonderful with added chopped dates and maybe a smearing of peanut butter over the top.

Rice Balls - again, another Scott Jurek favourite.  These take a little longer to prepare but the end results are worth the work.  The soft rice with salty miso really picked me up.

Chia Flapjacks - okay, loads of sugar but cheaper than buying them!  These are worth experimenting with - too soft and they fall apart, too hard and they are a nightmare to swallow when running or even walking fast.

A great page for fueling ideas here and page on the nutritional needs of ultra running here.  Some other recipes for vegetarians here.

In the end there is no "right way" for you until you find what works best on your training runs.

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  1. Read the whole blog Mick. Very interesting and yes, you are madder than mad but love ya