Thursday, 19 January 2017

Larmer Tree 20 - look at them hills!

I got this soul crow on my shoulder..

The Larmer Tree 20 mile trail race was held on Sunday 13th March 2016.  The weather was due to cold and overcast, just right for a nice jog through the countryside of the Wiltshire/Dorset borders.

We arrived in the fog and the temperature still dropping, collected our numbers and watched the marathon runners start and head off into the countryside.    Next was our race brief, a briefing like you don't get by any other organisers, and White Star Running made it special.
Waiting for the off...
Suddenly we were off, around the grounds of the Larmer Tree Gardens and then into the countryside.  At around 3 miles we passed a steep hill where the half marathon runners would be running later, and wished them all the best, only to round the corner and hit a hill about twice it's height.  The climb raised our heart rate somewhat.
The first "hill" of many

The course twisted and turned through the countryside, using every track and footpath available.  We started a long slow decent (with the occasional climb) until about mile 11 where the route started a long slow climb until about mile 15 and the famous "Love Station" - with more food than you can ever dream of eating!  After a light snack we moved on across open fields and finally towards more trees.

What goes down must go up

We descended quickly through woods and with only 3(ish) miles to the finish line we hit another of the great hills that make this race "special".   Mile 20 came, and passed, and the realisation that we had just under a mile (uphill) dawned on me.  The race organisers are renowned for not being specific about the distance.

Few hills

Race finally over we headed for the restaurant with our food tokens (supplied instead of t-shirts) and contemplated the race.  Would I do it again? Hell yea!  Matt would need convincing.

Matt and Mick on the trail

Shoes - Altra Lone Peak 1.5
Vest - Ultimate Direction SJ

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